Almería SPAIN

“Exploring the nature of this part of the Iberian Peninsula is a unique experience and a voyage through time and history.  Spain is one of my favourite destinations.  With the Andalusian sun, light and heat, and the Mediterranean Sea, the marvels of the province of Almeria are plentiful.  All these ingredients combine to create an unforgettable voyage.  The Sierra Maria is a superb, untouched mountain chain.  Many movies were filmed in the Tabernas Desert, including lots of westerns directed by the master of the genre, Sergio Leone, with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson.  It’s here that Steven Spielberg filmed scenes from one of the Indiana Jones adventures, starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.  The greatest actors of cinema have applied their talents under the stark light of the Tabernas Desert, including Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Antonio Banderas.  The Cabo de Gata Natural Park along the Mediterranean coast definitely deserves a detour with its beaches of fine sand, steep cliffs, abandoned gold mines and rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage.  The Andalusian tracks are perfect for quads, trail bikes or 4WDs.  I made this documentary for you to be able to explore one of the most beautiful areas of southern Europe Off the Beaten Track  Guillaume Ravau

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In this episode:

Sierra MariaVélez Blanco Fortress • Almond and olive groves • Caves and rock paintings • Ancient marble quarries • Tabernas Desert • Tabernas Castle • Film sets and studio, filming locations • Solar farm • Eucalyptus and Prickly Pear • Cabo de Gata Natural Park • Beaches, rocky inlets and sea cliffs • Los Alumbres Tower • Old restored well • San Ramón Fort • San Felipe Castle • Old Rodalquilar gold mine • Fraile Chapel farm • Moorish ruins • Windmills • Monsul Beach • Observation towers • Los Muertos Beach

OBT Off the Beaten Track Almeria, SPAIN
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