“Exploring nature in Iceland is magical, and with its volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers and numerous 4WD tracks, it’s a dream destination for 4WD and trail-bike enthusiasts to get Off the Beaten Track.  Half-way between North America and Europe, Iceland is the land of Vikings. Many movies and video clips have been filmed in this inhospitable terrain. Some science fiction movies were filmed around the volcanoes in theses naturally surrealistic settings.  A scene from one of the James Bond adventures was filmed around the Fjallsárlón glacial lake at the foot of the Vatnajökull glacier.  Nature remains untouched, without pollution, and the superb landscapes are captivating.  The Icelanders have a unique and exceptional living environment.  They are specialists in geothermal energy.  Nothing beats relaxing in a hot spring after long kilometres on a quad or trail bike on the dusty roads.  If you decide to get there by plane, don’t forget you camera and your best lens as Iceland and its natural landscapes are particularly photogenic.  On arrival in Reykjavik, rent a 4WD and the adventure begins.  Think of taking your GPS with you, and … enjoy the road.  Stay cool and drive slowly, no speeding or you might just run over a troll, an endangered species threatened by global warming.  It’s best to listen to some good music as you drive along, but be careful about your wheel rims and tyres as the roads are bad with lots of sharp edged volcanic rock.  I’d always wanted to make a documentary about this country.  Now it’s done, and it wasn’t any small thing either!”  Guillaume Ravau

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In this episode:

Vatnsnes Peninsula • Borgarvirki rocks • Hvítserkur • Arctic Sterns and ducks • Seals • Jarlhettur region • Stony desert • Langjökull Glacier • Hekla Volcano • Plate Tectonics (animation) • Volcanic tephras and tuffs • Valagja volcanic fault • Fjallabak region • Myrdalur region • Puffins • Dyrhólaey natural arch • Vik Beach • ReynisdrangarReynisfjara site • Myrdalssandur • Jökulhaups • Mount Hjorleifshofd • Caves •  Myrdalssandur Desert • Laki Volcano • Fjallsárlón glacial lake • Vatnajökull Glacier • Hvannadalshnjúkur Volcano • Jökuldalsheidi Plains • HafrahvammarLaugarvellir Hot Springs …

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