“If you’ve never heard you heart beat in your chest, if you dream of going to another planet, if for you, life deserves to be lived, then hurry up and book a ferry to Iceland.  You’ll see things your eyes have never seen before and you’ll feel things your body has never felt before.  Exploring the nature of Iceland is a lot more than just a simple voyage, it’s an expedition, an adventure, with powerful sensations and emotions guaranteed.  Iceland is a destination unlike any other and you won’t regret travelling there by quad as it’s certainly the ideal mode of transport.  I’ll take you there Off the Beaten Track.  Situated between Europe and North America, Iceland is the land of Vikings originally from Norway.  Seals, puffins, trolls, geysers, rivers, deserts and wide open spaces. Icelandic volcanoes are numerous, some are active and a few even dangerous.  Nature here is unblemished with glaciers, waterfalls, torrents and many 4WD tracks.  You need to be careful on Icelandic roads as they are scattered with volcanic rock.  Riding along I really enjoy the total absence of publicity.  The natural environment is free of all pollution.  It’s a paradise for 4WD enthusiasts, bikers and hikers.  From Reykjavik, passing by the immense Vatnajökull glacier to Vik Beach, the quad proves itself to be the ideal mode of transport.  The natural environments of Iceland are often hostile.  Caution must be exercised and so safety equipment is required such as a GPS and a mobile phone in case of emergency.  Icelanders are experts in geothermal energy.  I’d always wanted to make a relaxing documentary about this country.  God willing, I’ll get to go back one day to make a movie, a beautiful love story set in this enchanting landscape.  To take your car, the only possibility is to take the ferry from Denmark via the Feroe Islands.  Otherwise, by plane, it’s easy to find cheap flights.  The airline Easy Jet, for example, offers flights to Reykjavik.”  Guillaume Ravau

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In this episode:

Mjoifjödur Fjord • Hallormsstadur Forest • Icelandic horses • Hroarstunga Region • Viking chapel • traditional farm • Héradssandur Estuary • Black sand beach • Seals • Hauksstadaheidi Region • Hafragilsfoss Waterfall • Plate Tectonics (animation) • Krafla lava flows • Volcanic craters and rocks • Hrossaborg crater and rampart • Námafjall solfatar field • Natural marmites • Solfatars • Geothermal Energy • Lake Mývatn • Flateyjardalur Lost Valley • Northern Gannet colony…

OBT Off the Beaten Track Northern ICELAND
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